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Revolutionize Your Emergency Response Management with My Office Days

Some things hardly change over a century, like the traditional doorbell. Now, we have smart doorbells with internet and cameras, but this innovation took a long time to arrive.

The same goes for the emergency response (BHV) sliding board, which has been hanging at entrances for years to indicate which emergency response officers are present. But who looks at that board in an emergency? Running to the reception to check who the available responder is certainly isn't the most efficient method.

This can be much better and more efficient! With My Office Days, employees can instantly see which emergency response officers are present with a simple push of a button. And another push of a button connects them directly to the right person. Fast, safe, and always accurate!

Put an end to outdated emergency procedures and switch to My Office Days. You'll always be prepared, and communication will be seamless in case of an emergency.


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