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My Office Days is the workplace reservation app to get the maximum return from hybrid working.

  • Guarantee of a work/flexible workplace in the office.

  • Guarantee on parking, charging and more.

  • Know who works where for optimal collaboration. 

  • Reduce your organization's footprint.

  • Increase operational safety.

  • Reduce administrative pressure.

You can work hybridly with My Office Days

How does it work
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Why an office planning app?

Facilitating hybrid working

Give your colleagues the opportunity to independently determine when and with whom they want to go to the office. After all, the main reason for going to the office is to work together.

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Save energy costs at the office

Our customers use the app to monitor the occupancy rate at the offices, because on average employees work 3 days in the office and 2 days at home. This insight enables them to better tailor the climate control to the use of the offices.


With the high energy prices, this is no superfluous luxury.

Cooperate more easily with your colleagues

Are your colleagues working from home, are they present today at the office, taking lunch or are they taking the day off. Get a direct view on the status of your colleagues in the app.

During your booking process you will see the names of the colleagues who have already booked.   

* = (see also, ' Helps to make the most of office spaces and workspaces'


Helps with flexible use of
parking & loading

Use parking and charging (bikes and cars) facilities multiple times a day. With My office days we ensure you maximum flexibility / efficiency for your colleagues and guests (invited from the app). 


Helps with company safety

Got a medical emergency? Check which Emergency response officer is available in the office and contact them directly from the app.

Lower the threshold to report undesirable behavior. The confidential advisers are visible in the app and with their contact details to contact them as easy as possible.

Helps to lower
administrative pressure

My office days offers a range of reports and statistics on travel expenses, work from home and lunch allowances. If desired, we automatically send the reports at set times in a specific format so that they can be processed directly in the administration.  


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Why My office days
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My office days is easy to use without training and manual. The app will automatically open in the same language of the user's phone. 

Live within 1 week

After receiving the settings and content, we ensure that My office days is live within 5 working days.

Full service

We arrange the implementation full service. You will be 100% sure before you start you that everything is arranged.

Android, iOS and Web

Something for everyone! My office days can be used as an iOS and Android app and as a web version.

GDPR privacy proof

We will meet your GDPR requirements. This saves time during implementation and gives our customers confidence.

Data storage in EU

In order to take as little risk as possible with data, we like to keep the lines short and store our data in certified data centers in the Netherlands.

Calendar sync

Link Outlook, Google and Apple calendars so that the bookings in My office days are synced with your calendar.


View and download the many data and statistics on screen or in Excel.


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Home: About

Our customers speak

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De My Office Days app is een mooie dienst om ons te ondersteunen in het nieuwe werken. We gebruiken het om werkplekken en vergaderruimtes in ons kantoor en onze theaters te reserveren en we kunnen direct zien welke collega's aanwezig zijn. Maakt het samenwerken een stuk makkelijker. Dit zijn slechts enkele functionaliteiten van de app waar we blij van worden bij Pathé. De samenwerking met On-d-mand is vanaf het begin zeer goed en hun medewerkers zijn zeer behulpzaam. Zo vroegen we om een paar (nieuwe) aanpassingen in de app die vlot zijn geregeld. Lena en Kim, Pathé

Fremantle logo.png

Fremantle Nederland heeft sinds februari 2021 met succes de kantoorboekingsapp van gelanceerd. Alle medewerkers van Fremantle en de aangesloten bedrijven hebben inmiddels hun werkplek en/of vergaderruimte met de app geboekt. Een zeer efficiënte manier die ook na corona blijft omdat het ons goed inzicht geeft in het gebruik van onze kantoorruimtes. Samen met de My office days hebben we leuke extra functionaliteiten toegevoegd die de app hebben geoptimaliseerd.  Mark, Fremantle


Momenteel kan niet iedereen tegelijk meer op kantoor werken, omdat het pand simpelweg te klein is geworden. Om grip te houden op het aantal medewerkers die aanwezig zijn, is Studytube sinds begin maart 2022 klant geworden bij My office days.  We zijn erg blij met My office days. “We hebben de werkplekken opgesplitst in diverse ruimtes met ieder hun eigen maximale aantallen. Doordat de gebruikers kunnen zien waar hun collega’s hebben geboekt (of dat ze eventueel thuiswerken) kunnen ze gemakkelijk samenwerken.” Ebony, StudyTube

We relieve our customers for:

Only €3.00 *

per employee per month


= 100% service and we only go live with 100% satisfaction


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